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Investment Focus

Patel Real Estate Holdings is a real estate investment group that invests in Multi-Family housing assets across the United States.  Our strategic alliances with industry leaders grants us access to premier off-market real estate opportunities.


Closed Projects

Waterchase (Largo, FL)

Acquired in 2019  -  Sold in 2022 @ 2.18x

Mainstreet at Conyers (Conyers, Ga)
Acquired in 2019  -  Sold in 2021 @ 1.82x

Cherry Grove (Jackson Tn.)

Acquired in 2019  -  Sold in 2021 @ 1.83x

Lakeside Apartments (Brandon, FL)
Acquired in 2014  -  Sold in 2017 @ 2.5x

Downtown St Petersburg Redevelopment (St. Petersburg, FL)
Acquired in 2015  -  Sold in 2017 @ 2.2x

Tropicana Field Parking Asset (St. Petersburg, FL)
Acquired in 2015  -  Sold in 2017 @ 2.2x

Current Properties in our PREH G2 Portfolio:

G2 Map.png
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